Who we are

GreenState AG is a Swiss-American Start-Up company focused on the development of the Modular and Vertical Farming hardware and software solutions, with a focus on reducing the cost of vertical farms, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Our modular and vertical farming solutions could be shipped and installed all around the globe. Furthermore, modular and vertical farming solutions are developed to operate in almost any environment.

One of the key advantages of our solutions is mobility and the ability to implement the system almost everywhere depending on your needs.

Finally, all our modular farming solutions are operated through the most advanced IoT AI and Machne Learning software systems. For the first time ever you can operate the whole farm by being a thousand kilometres away through mobile or desktop applications.

Our field of expertise:

  1. Vertical & Modular Farming
  2. Automatization & Robotics
  3. Pratiques modernes en serre
  4. Precision agriculture and artifitial intelligence
  5. AgTech & Suply Chain Blockchain Solutions
  6. Light, Air, Heating/Cooling Technology
  7. Food Safety
  8. IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

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    Our team

    Executive Team - Switzerland

    Executive Swiss Member Avatar
    Chairman of the Board and CFO

    Christian Hörler

    Executive Swiss Member Avatar
    Board Member & CEO

    Arsenije Grgur

    Executive Swiss Member Avatar

    Dr. Christoph Lustenberger

    Administration - Switzerland

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Executive Team Assistant

    Tatjana P. M.

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Business Administration

    Tamara K.

    Indoor Growing - Switzerland

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Chief Growing Officer
    M.Sc. Int. Master in Horticultural Sciences

    Nicolai Höppner

    Technical Development - Switzerland

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Supply Chain Manager

    Novica G.

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Front-end Developer

    Dragan P.

    Client Relationship Management - Switzerland

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Head of Client Relationship

    Sasha M.

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Client Relationship Manager

    Boris M.

    Executive Team - USA

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    GreenState Global Inc. Founder & CEO

    Belinda Feldman

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    GreenState Operations Inc. Founder & COO

    Jack Smilowitz

    Advisory Board - Switzerland & USA

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Legal Advisor

    Theodore Maloney

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    Food Security Advisor

    Hans-Dieter Philipowski

    Administration Swiss Member Avatar
    IoT & Software Architecture

    Kosta Stojaković

    GreenState AG multinational structure

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    With whom we are working with...

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    GreenState AG team about the company...

    Arsenije Grgur

    Arsenije Grgur

    Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer

    Since early 2017 my focus has been on investments in green projects. It is my pleasure being able to work and help to build GreenState AG. GreenState AG is a great company on the mission to solve multiple problems with current food production. The reduction of the Carbon footprint is one of the most challenging problems to solve since supply-chains for food transportation are global and less and less local solutions are promoted. Furthermore, pesticides, whose negative effects on consumers health are not always clear, are used in food production to ensure shelf life. Finally, healthy and fully nutritious food is currently just an expensive alternative instead of being the norm, which we are trying to change. GreenState AG is all about growing as much as possible with as little as possible in almost all world locations and almost all weather conditions.

    MBA - International Management

    B.Sc - Business Administration

    Christian Hoerler

    Christian Hoerler

    Chairman of the Board & CFO

    There are too many communities where there is an infrastructure barrier to nutritious and affordable food. I believe that it is equally important that communities have a stake in the solution. Our modular vertical farms are turnkey solutions for producing nutrient-rich food, easy-to-integrate into existing infrastructures, and are affordable. It is a starting point for urgent and large-scale change.