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Modular farm

GreenState AG has set itself the goal of building the largest modular and vertical farm in Switzerland and Europe.

In the final phase, the farm will comprise 40 modules with a total area of ‚Äč6,000m2. The modular and vertical solutions give us the opportunity to expand the project to up to three modules vertically and even ten modules in a horizontal arrangement. In addition, thanks to the modular solution, we can grow all kinds of vegetables, CBD, THC or even saffron as an agricultural product.

As for our loT solution and the tracking of the entire cultivation process via the mobile app, only two people can operate the entire system. Today we have completed the design, architecture and technical solutions and are looking for a piece of land that we can rent or buy in order to be able to put our modular solutions into operation.

Due to the 4,000 working LED lamps, we will install solar panels to support our electricity consumption. This project depends heavily on the company's financing, as we need a capital of CHF 10,000,000 for the development and start of production.

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    Circular Economy

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    For GreenState AG circular economy is a big aspect of our daily operations.
    What we have to achieve as a company is a constant reduction of energy consumption as well as usage of the key growing elements such as water.

    Furthermore, we are building our modules and equipment from recycled materials as well as building our products and product components as recycling material in the future.

    Supply Chain - Production - Container Sales Organigram


    Vertical and Modular farming developed in Switzerland.

    GreenState AG is an international company operating in several continents. Technology we use has been developed in the USA, Israel and Switzerland. Many of the componentsused come from China, Eastern Europe and other countries, but the final assembly always takes place in Switzerland.

    Furthermore, all further technological achievements will be developed in Switzerland, since we are developing a research and development centre in our Winterthur offices as well as our production sites in Schaffhausen.

    GreenState AG is the trade secret and patent owner for all our products, hardware and software solutions

    Finally, we are shipping all our products from Switzerland to the end consumers.

    NEXT Level of Smart Modular and Vertical Farming

    GreenState AG is a Swiss-American Start-Up company focused on the development of Modular and Vertical Farming as well as hardware and software solutions, with a focus on reducing the cost of vertical farms, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    Our modular farms could be shiped and installed all around the world and coud be used in all envirnments. The beauty about project is the ability of farming 360 where modular solutions could be installed in all directions.











    Food Safety

    Food Safety



    Automatisaton and Robotics

    Automatization and Robotics

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