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GreenState AG

Newsletter, May 2022

1. May 13 was already the ecological "Swiss Overshoot day!"

Did you know that Switzerland's ecological footprint is 4.35 gha per person (2018). The global average is 1.6 gha (2018).

So it would take (4.35/ 1.6) = 2.75 Earths if all people lived like the Swiss, OR we can determine Switzerland's transgression day as 365 * (1.6/4.35) = 133rd day in the year. The 133rd day of the year 2022 is May 13, the transgression day of Switzerland.

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2. Our Vertical Farm in Neuhausen am Rheinfall

With some delay, the 24 modules have now been delivered, allowing us to start the planned completion of the smart modular and vertical farm in our hall on the SIG site. (https://youtu.be/SEFt5hlpxHA)

In the course of the summer, we will then be able to start operations and begin production. We will soon invite you personally to a tour with a small opening aperitif.

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3. Why don't we use ordinary containers?

1. Do we process much less material to keep our modules as light and #climatefriendly as possible.

2. we weld only a few components of it, because most of the elements are assembled quite simply according to the "Lego" principle and can thus be #flexibly, #modularly and very #cost-efficiently connected and put into operation both indoors and outdoors.

3. We use sandwich panels of aluminum, PVC and mineral wool / rock wool, for the best possible insulation also for #energyefficiency (the farm in Neuhausen is 100% powered by the hydroelectric power of the Rhine)

4. Lassen sich am Lebensende alle Materialien mit Leichtigkeit wieder voneinander trennen und recyclen. Somit schaffen wir nicht nur im Betrieb eines Moduls, sondern auch mit dem Modul selbst eine umfassende #kreislaufwirtschaft und #Ressourceneffizienz.

4. What are the most innovative startups currently working on in the field of artificial intelligence and sustainability?

GreenState AG was invited to the Innovation Day in Zurich by GFM - the Swiss Society for Marketing, to answer this question;

Impressions of our presentation here in the short video: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/T1euL6-bFtg

5. Participation at the ICF Sustainable Investor Summit on May 06, at the SIX Convention Point Zurich

The ICF Sustainable Investor Summit (ICF SIS) is a strong voice in the DACH region driving sustainable, responsible and impact investing across all asset classes.

The interest in GreenState AG was very high and there is certainty: GreenState AG serves all 6 criteria of the new "EU Taxonomy" for sustainable business.The EU-Taxonomy is a new European law, which should provide EU-wide uniform criteria for a key question of our time: What is ecologically sustainable business?

1. Climate protection

2. Adaptations to climate change

3. Sustainable use and application of water or marine resources

4. Transition to a circular economy

5. Prevention or control of environmental pollution

6. Protection and restoration of biodiversity and ecosystems

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6. Do you have any questions, ideas, recommendations, suggestions?

Or specific know-how that can be useful for the successful further development of GreenState AG?

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your proposal at any time, as we rely on additional impetus and sustainable partnerships to achieve our ambitious goals!

Kind regards,

Chief Marketing Officer

Sven Berther



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