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GreenState AG

Newsletter, January 2022.

1. GreenState AG Rebranding

Over the last three months we have worked very hard to improve our corporate brand and integrate all current activities into the new corporate website. Our new logo solution represents exactly what we are: a smart modular and vertical technology provider with three main business areas: Indoor Farming, Selling Modular and Vertical Farming Solutions, Franchising and Partnership.

In addition, you can see many of our technological solutions on our website (greenstate.ch), which will give you a clear picture of our current development and activities.

In about four weeks, all our modular and vertical solutions will be installed on our website as VR solutions and 3D models, so you will have the opportunity to see them before the first live presentation.

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2. First vertical and modular farm in Switzerland

As announced in our last newsletter, we would like to inform you that all documentation for the "Schaffhausen Project" has been completed and we are currently in the final phase of developing the components. In our personal opinion and if we do not suffer any setbacks due to the COVID-19 situation, the project should be made available to the public in mid-April 2022.

Our plan is to invite all current investors to the presentation day "Smart Modular and Vertical Farming" in mid-April and to give all investors the opportunity to experience our first modular and vertical farming solution. Furthermore, we would like to announce that GreenState AG is supported by the Canton of Schaffhausen and the Schaffhausen Economic Development Corporation.

3. New President and CFO

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Christian Hörler has joined GreenState AG as CEO and CFO as of 01.01.2022.

Mr Hörler is a financial expert with more than two decades of experience in investment banking. His focus will be on further developing the operational build-up of a positive cash flow, structuring financial products and preparing the documents for the IPO over the next 18 months.

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4. Other patents offered by NASA

The relationship with NASA started before GreenState AG was founded, but has now only been confirmed and has even entered a new level. Due to the great progress and development of the company, NASA has provided GreenState AG with a further 30 patents, which we can use in the form of licences, buy-outs and licensing models. The samples offered are from the fields of vertical and modular agriculture, agricultural technology, IoT and AI.

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5. Our own technology development

GreenState AG continues to develop its own technology to create its own patented technological solutions. We continue to employ the best people in research and cooperate with renovated universities to jointly develop the technologies for future generations.

We are currently working on the development of operating system solutions for the Internet of Things. Our ultimate goal is a modular and vertical farm that can grow food itself, where human interaction will only focus on controlling and starting the process.

Furthermore, the full use of Big Data will focus on the combination of all modules in a network where the modules learn from each other to create the best possible conditions for growth.

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6. Q1-Q2 2022 - Green bond issue

Following the successful subscription of the first financing tranche and the issuance of a Green Bond, which is only aimed at qualified investors, GreenState AG is launching a second Green Bond issue with a fixed annual interest rate of 4.5% and a term of five years. The nominal value is only CHF 1,000,000, as the Green Bond is only subscribed for the Schaffhausen project and for a limited period of time.

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