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GreenState AG

Newsletter, February 2022.

1. Increase of the share capital

We are pleased to announce that GreenState AG has completed the preparation of the documents for the IPO. This week the notary Winterthur confirmed the increase of the share capital from CHF 110'000 to CHF 700'000 in the commercial register and all shares are now at CHF 0.10, including the founder shares. The purpose behind this is that all share holders have the same rights and voting rights.

The increase of the share capital to CHF 700'000 gives our investors more security and provides us with a higher company valuation by an official valuation company.

In the next twelve months, GreenState AG will offer the last two tranches as a private equity investment and subsequently go public.

Please note that the IPO is highly dependent on GreenState AG's external financing and cash flow from operations. But if we continue to grow as we have in the last 12 months, this could happen much sooner.

2. UAE Inquiry and Bidding

Do everything you can in terms of marketing! That has been our mission from the beginning, to use every single marketing opportunity to create awareness of GreenState AG, that we are specialists in smart vertical and modular farming.

An official government office for the development of innovations in the United Arab Emirates, based in Dubai, contacted us with a request to help them develop the cultivation and production of paddy in Indore. Today, 23.02.2022, GreenState AG has successfully submitted the tender for providing consultancy services to the UAE government on vertical and Indore cultivation. The contract period is 390 days with a seven-figure revenue model.

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3. 3D product models

To continue our marketing activities, we decided three months ago to build our containers as 3D models. It is very difficult to describe to people what we actually do and what the purpose of our innovation is. Now potential customers can really see our modules in detail and make a decision to choose us as their supplier.

Finally this work is done and you can find our containers in this website section:


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4. 1-5-10 System and IoT

Taking the sustainability goals into account, our engineers considered how to shorten the project planning time due to the many customer requirements. Finally, we came up with the solution of creating samples in the form of technical solutions for one, five and ten models. Similarly, we know the pa ramen t e and technology for each section that needs to be used for the customer requirements. For example, if the client asks us to build a modular farm with 50 containers, we use the parameters of the section with ten containers and multiply them by five. This way, we shorten the time it takes to give the customer a quote and we don't lose time building the project from scratch.

How we are becoming a multi-billion dollar company. We have already started to build the "brain" of GreenState AG on AWS servers. A centralised data solution that can run 1,000 containers worldwide with a single PLC and IoT technology. All containers will be equipped with dedicated IoT devices connected to Wi-Fi, and likewise we can build all containers into a "smart central brain" to grow, manage and learn by themselves.

Please note that it will take at least two years to develop such an intelligent solution that can operate containers without human intervention.

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5. Indoor AgCon Las Vegas

From 28 February to 1 March, GreenState AG executives will attend and present GreenState AG at the largest indoor conference in the world at Caesars Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada.

This event is very important for GreenState AG as it gives us the opportunity to present ourselves to industry leaders and make important contacts as well as sell our products and services.

According to our marketing strategy, GreenState AG employees will attend at least two such events per year and set up their own in Switzerland.

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6. Development of own production

GreenState AG is an innovator in its field, especially in terms of IoT, indoor farming electricity, processes and also in container production. As we do not use "classic" containers, it is very difficult for our suppliers to meet the standards of GreenState AG. For this reason, it is our goal to establish our own container development department, where GreenState AG imports all the necessary materials and develops the container components itself. In this way, we will reduce our operating costs, protect our intellectual property and remain the market leader.

Why are our containers so special?

First of all, we use special steel to make our containers light, then we weld only a few components and most components are assembled according to the "Lego" principle.

Finally, we use sandwich panels of aluminium, PVC and mineral wool / rock wool for almost complete insulation to reduce energy consumption and a fireproof container with ISO certification up to 90 minutes.

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