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Investor Relations

GreenState AG with all the companies in the group is taking our investors very seriously. Newsletters, telephone and face to face contact are some of the techniques we use to inform our investors about GreenState AG business development and company growth.

One of the key aspects of joining GreenState AG as an investor does not only return on investment. Here at GreenState AG, we are focusing on creating a club of green-minded people who are focused on developing a sustainable future for our future generations.

All our investors know that we are creating long-term business relationships for the purpose of profiting financially as well as creating a green positive impact.

GreenState AG investment relation team members consist of experienced investment professionals who are always available to answer your questions or to pass you information about GreenState AG current status, or future developments.

Finally, as GreenState AG investor you are always having the ability to visit us any time and to have a small talk or a coffee at our offices or our growing and development sites.

Private Equity Offering

GreenState AG Private Equity offering is reserved for qualifiedinvestors who are willing to participate in GreenState AG pre-IPO offering.

The company is offering 10% of its capital to private and institutional investors for the purpose to secure funds for company growth and development.

The whole fundraising process has been divided into four tranches after which GreenState AG will go public at one or several stock exchanges.

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Private Bond Offering

GreenState AG Green Bond offering is developed as a fixed income financial product with an annual secured interest and face value paid at the maturity date.

GreenState AG Green Bond is giving investors security and sustainability, a secure income over several years.

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