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Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing

Indoor growing is one of the three of our business activities.

GreenState AG is having a plan to operate several modular and vertical farms in Switzerland, European Union and the USA. Modular and Vertical farms in other countries, regions and continents will be operated by our partners.

The growing portfolio will be developed based on the laws and needs according to the location where a growing facility is installed.

Products and Services

Sales of Products and Services

The second part of our business model is the sales of our products and services.

By GreenState AG products we define growing container hardware units and all components inside the growing room which could be bought separatelly from a single growing unit.

GreenState AG services are defined as software solutions that could be "leased" or licensed for annual usage, or custom made software solutions according to the client needs.

Furthermore, we could work as a research and development company for our clients, where they can use our working force and experience in vertical and modular farming for the purpose of creating the farms of the future.

Partnership and Franchising

Partnership - Franchising

For being able to operate in as many countries as possible and as many farms as possible we came up with the partnership and franchising solution where we will share our products, technology and brand name with potential serious businesses and business-minded individuals.

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